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Let me introduce myself I'm Anna Private Jeweler based in  Chicago USA, and this is my husband , we've been together over 15 yrs married with 2 sons.
   Since being introduced to the industry over 12 years ago.  I established long lasting trusted relationships with diamond exporters around the world.  I have a passion for helping you buy the ring of your dreams. My mission is to help you get the most beautiful ring at the lowest possible price. I know a lot of stores ,websites as well as wholesalers in the diamond districts in major cities say that , all I ask is "give me a chance" visit my site, browse around and compare my prices to any store or wholesaler you may be considering. Ask your self WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOOSE? One thing I can promise,  If I don't like the diamond... I will NOT sell it to you.
All my rings are CURRENT HOT styles and ALL my diamonds are 100% Natural and Certified. If you do not see specifically what you are interested in "No problem". It is impossible for me to list a photo of every style out there BUT NOT impossible to get it for you. Most rings take 5-7 *days to make so the process is fairly fast.  Please email me with details and if possible a link to a style of setting you like. I will get back to you with a few options. My goal is to make her eyes POP when she sees the ring ....not your Life savings buying one. You can read and contact my references as well as verify my transaction numbers with www.escrow.com (who I use as payment) since 2007.  I also deal with Direct Wire Payments ,where there are no additional fees. Any way you pay there is ALWAYS 3 Days inspection FROM DELIVERY DATE TO YOU So you can see it and make your decision. I have customers who purchased from me all around USA, Canada, UK , France, Poland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand Egypt and many other places.
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"I Love SAVING you Money on Diamonds

Call 312- 388-ANNA(2662)
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