How to Order


Once we have selected the style and center diamond for your ring option

I will email you a written Purchase Agreement



1. ELECTRONIC -WIRE PAYMENT  Diamond Direct Buy has a Business Account with CITI BANK , You are welcome to call the bank manager and verify the account. Most of my customers prefer this method as it is easy, fast and if you have online banking, usually fee free. Otherwise you may need to pay $25-35 for a Domestic transfer if you visit your branch.

A written Purchase Agreement will be emailed to you outlining Who the payment is to. and exactly what its for, including the certificate and photos of the item. It includes a 7 Days inspection from Delivery to you for your final approval. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase I need to be notified within the 7 days of your intent to return it, and item must be returned immediately thereafter.

* Return Shipping is paid for by the customer and requires insurance and tracking

* Once the item/s is received I will need 24 hours to have the diamond verified with the measurements, size and specific inclusions marked on the certificate

No 2 diamonds are alike  some have the number inscribed others not . The original Diamond Certificate must also be returned.

* Wire will then be initiated back to the customer within 48 hours or less  for the FULL PURCHASE PRICE . Unless otherwise specified on the a agreement .

2. Credit Card -   I will email you a Authorization Form that needs to be filled in and returned. You will need to include a photo of the Credit Card being used as payment and your ID.  Credit card Payment has a additional  3% Processing fee added to total, If the item is returned the 3% is NOT REFUNDABLE.  All other details with the 3 days inspection are the same as wire payment above.


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