Hi I'm Anna Diamond Direct Buy LLC is a company based in Chicago Illinois, USA. In Business since 2006 in USA.  I moved to the USA since 2000 from Melbourne Australia.
My business philosophy is simple.
"I hope to  provide my clients with great value for money by ensuring my rings are of the highest quality and at the lowest price sold DIRECT to you"
There are no store mark ups NO MIDDLEMAN , NO STORE OVERHEAD added to the cost, will save THOUSANDS.
To achieve this goal :
1. I hope to educate my clients so they make an informed selection
2. Provide only certified diamonds that are INDEPENDENTLY Certified GIA , HRD, AGS , IGI, and EGL-USA or EGL IF REQUESTED.
3. Keep my costs low and margins to the minimum to ensure you get the best price.
4. At all times I will maintain integrity in doing business with you, as my reputation, and satisfied clients are the best form of promotion for my business. I love what I do .
I am ALWAYS looking for deals, just like you are. I buy my diamonds and pay up front for the best options available from exporters to me, therefore my suppliers are able to give me much better prices because they don't have to wait months for their money.
As a result, I get first pick and better quality for much less than the other stores that pick and choose and pay later on Memos. I have NO overhead ( you don't end up paying for my rent, staff, insurance, inventory and other bills in YOUR PRICE that are associated with running a store).
I operate this site myself and work on a VERY LOW margins. This ALL adds up to a OFFERING YOU GREAT OPTIONS AND HUGE savings.
I believe that buying a diamond should be an exciting experience. It can also be stressful and confusing, by allowing me to be a part of this special occasion in your life. 
I will ensure that your experience is a memorable one. I have induced basic information on diamond 4 C;s as well as Certification grading report differences. Everything is as transparent as possible.
Future referrals from my customers are the biggest complement I can get. I also encourage you to visit the GIA website to educate yourself about the 4 C's or google information about diamond that is easily available online.
I am not a gemologist I serve as a direct " Broker"on your behalf. I buy already polished diamond that are accompanied with a Lab Grading report from various labs.
All Diamond Laboratories who do diamond grading reports, use "their own "grading scales and criteria, they DO DIFFERED from each other, as there is NO ONE SET STANDARD in the industry ( GIA has the opinion of being the strictest and most reliable ) however even they do not offer any guarantee.
Certain aspects are "subjective" opinion of the expert and will vary from one to another, especially but not limited to color and clarity even though they use the same terminology, which may be confusing.
Laboratories who pre grade these diamonds offer no guarantee or value of the diamond. Diamond Direct Buy LLC does not agree or disagree with any reports and does not offer any grading input I  mainly rely on their information provided on the report, The price is calculated  on  the acquisition cost for each diamond 
plus the manufacture cost for the setting to determine the price for each piece.
When you buy from me, you always have 3 days inspection from when the item is delivered to you to get a second opinion or appraisal and make a final decision then.
***Only some custom orders on mountings are not refundable however the center DIAMOND is ALWAYS refundable if you let me know within 3 days of receiving it.
Looking forward to working with you. call me 312-388-2662 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Conflict Free Diamonds
All diamonds purchased at Diamond Direct Buy LLC are from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. I guarantee that the diamonds I purchase on your behalf are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by my suppliers.
For more information on conflict diamonds, please visit www.diamondfacts.org
Waiver and Release of ALL claims
Please read this carefully and be aware that in purchasing a diamond or a engagement ring from Anna/ Diamond Direct Buy LLC you are using a "DIAMOND BROKER"  offering you different options within your budget. It is agreed and accepted by the "BUYER" that Anna /Diamond Direct Buy LLC assume no liability or responsibility for the diamond grading you have chosen.
I strongly encourage all my customers to educate themselves about the 4 c's as well a different Grading reports available out there AS THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. Some big names are GIA,  EGL-USA, AGS, IGI and HRD
Before any purchase is finalized. It is common knowledge that there are many different certifications available however,  they are NOT all equal. Although GIA has the "OPINION" of being the most strict and consistent, even they do not offer any guarantee or warranty on their Grading report NO DIAMOND REPORT DOES. 
Diamond Direct Buy acknowledge that SOME EGL International LABS  have closed in Europe in 2014. However EGL Platinum and EGL Hong Kong are still open today and offered for sale to customers, via stores, ebay and online.
Mostly with EGL-HONG KONG Certification which could be grades off to GIA COMPARISON using the same Letter Grading and Clarity Terminology. There are no 2 diamonds alike, and it can not be generally said that they are all off 1 or 2 grades always. Some diamonds could be graded many grades off on color and clarity, some less , It all depends on the EACH diamond.
Grading is "SUBJECTIVE" and it is the opinion of the LAB  the equipment, and personal training used to determine the what cut, color clarity, polish and symmetry it receives. Two diamonds with the same color and clarity CAN still look very different. Diamond Direct Buy does not offer a gemological opinion of any kind. I do offer you a transparent transaction, great prices and inspection period so YOU can see it, have it independently verified, before you make a final decision.
Once the inspection period ends and sale becomes FINAL . You are solely responsible in participating in the purchase You FULLY understand and accept assumption of all risk and waive and release all claims towards Anna and or Diamond Direct Buy LLC by sending payment to complete a purchase transaction. ALL SALES HAVE A 7 DAY INSPECTION PERIOD TO HAVE THE DIAMOND/RING VERIFIED BY A 3rd PARTY, APPRAISER OR JEWELER IN YOU R AREA THEN THE SALE IS FINAL.
ALL SALES HAVE A WRITTEN PURCHASE AGREEMENT  AND EMAIL TYPED IN SIGNATURE will have the same effect as a original form signature.

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