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EGL vs GIA and Other Diamond Certifications

Ok....So you started Ring shopping .... went to a few local stores and looked around online right. Are you Driving your self crazy yet ?

Lets talk about frequently asked question from customers looking to purchase a diamond or Engagement Ring

"What's the difference between EGL and GIA?"

Here are a few Facts:

1.Both GIA and EGL Certificates are two of the Most recognized Lab names here in the USA  However  ( there ARE also many others that exist) for example EGL-USA , EGL HONG KONG , IGI, HRD,AGS  etc....

2. Diamond Certificates are from Labs that outline the details of the stone, Both are recognized Labs which are distributed to Diamond Districts and Jewelry Stores across USA ,CANADA, AUSTRALIA and WORLD WIDE. Offered on Online sites as well as on Ebay.

3.They are both recognized in the industry and are more desirable than buying a diamond without any certification at all. But they are competitors and THEY ARE NOT THE SAME...... AS A EXAMPLE: 

One of my jeweler colleagues once told me this.  If you want to buy a car  lets say you go to a Car Dealer who show you a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S550 VS 2015 Hyundai Equos -BOTH Black -4 door sedans with similar options.

You look at both and test drive them. However you decide to buy the Hyundai, You love the way it looks and drives and the Price it's offered at. Can you then expect to go down the road to a Certified Mercedes Dealer and ask them to

"confirm or Verify" your car is Exact as a Mercedes and worth Just as much?   This is what a lot of people do, they buy a gorgeous diamond with a certification other the GIA and then go to a local Jeweler who didn't sell them the ring to "Verify what a Great deal they got" 

what do you think they will tell you or try and do?????when you ask their "OPINION" on your Deal"?


Going back to the certificates, ALL LABS use different Grading systems and diamond grading for mainly color and clarity is done at every laboratory not with machines but by the human eye. THEREFORE IT IS "SUBJECTIVE".

This is where they vary, and each Certificate even GIA will not offer any warranty as to their grading.  You can send the same diamond to GIA in LA and NY and get 2 different opinions !!!! it has happened MANY TIMES, certificate is to be used only as a guideline of the diamonds details NOT A GUARANTEE even when you buy GIA .


" IT is the Lab's "OPINION" which is SUBJECTIVE and will Vary depending on persons, training,  eyes, and techniques and equipment used at the time of grading, lighting and many other factors. 


4. A diamond Certificate can be compared to a "Birth Certificate" of a Diamond stating Details about the Diamonds 4 C's

5. A certificate alone will not describe how beautiful or ugly the diamond is in reality. Nor will it tell you if it sparkles ,No matter who certified it.....

ONLY your eye can determine that FACT! Therefore that is why I offer the 7-Day inspection period from delivery to you, on any item I ship out.

This will give you the opportunity to see it for yourself and make your own decision if you love it or not .

Two diamonds with the exact details can still look different and be prices differently and THERE ARE NO TWO DIAMONDS THAT ARE IDENTICAL .






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