LAY AWAY Available


DIamond Ring Lay Away

LAY AWAY is available up to 60 Days

Pay as you GO  NO CREDIT NEEDED and NO INTEREST with a 30% deposit to START

Please email me for the Written contract to review  DiamondDirectBuy@yahoo.com


In my constant effort to make buying Diamond Jewelry easy & affordable, Diamond Direct Buy is proud to announce our new "INTEREST FREE" Lay-Away Plan. "60 day Pay as you go"
The Diamond Direct Buy.com  "60 Day Lay-Away Plan" is available on my entire selection of Unique Diamond Jewelry & Watches! Due to Low prices and fast changing inventory this is the best way to guarantee you get exactly what you want.  Or maybe you would just like a little extra time to pay for it. The Lay-Away Plan is better than financing because you will not be charged any finance charges and you can take up to 60 days to pay!
At DiamondDirectBuy.com I am committed to making your purchase of Diamond Jewelry to be Easy & Affordable.
  • The Interest Free New Diamond District Lay-Away Plan Details
  • Start The Plan With Just A 30% Down Payment.
  • Take Up To 60 Days To Pay For Your Diamond Jewelry Once You Have Made Your 30% Down Payment.
  • Additional Payments Can Be Made Any Time In The 60 Days ( from receipt date  of deposit) & For Any Amount! Enjoy No Interest & No Additional Charges While On The Plan. Enjoy Extremely Low Prices & Greater Flexibility! I will email you track of payments and balances as you pay
  • BY paying the deposit you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions of this Payment plan.
  • Before you start your layaway plan, there's a few things you should know
  • Because we may incur expenses when we set aside your lay-away item for up to 60 days, and offer very flexible terms, including no finance charges, no application fees, and no credit check, we are not able to refund payments made under the lay-away program under any circumstances if you cancel your order. However, you will receive a store credit only.
  • You MUST have your balance paid off within 60 days. Or discuss further options and interest charges available to extend the time. or your balance will be charged on your credit card,+ 3% which you can finish paying off at your convenience
  • Once the item is paid in full Diamond Direct Buy will ship your order and email you the tracking number once full balance is received .
  • I do understand that you may change your mind on the style or selection of your diamond jewelry. Therefore we do allow you to choose a different item of equal or greater value than your original selection, and all payments can be applied to that new item. No refund will be approved for change of mind.
  • If you're confused about any of the terms, I encourage you to give me a call 312-388-2662. I'll be happy to explain in more detail if you need it.
  • Why should you use the Lay-Away Plan?
  • The cost of your jewelry is locked in, this protects you against the rising cost of gold and diamonds. and allows you to get the item you want. It is taken off the market and unavailable for others to purchase .