Platinum Ring Brand New

Shown with a 3.00 I vs1 center diamond which is grown in a Lab and 2x0.25 carat sides trapezoid diamond sized

video https://vimeo.com/73341096


ALSO This ring is available with a 3.01 I vs2 GIA earth diamond for $42500

Private Jeweler, direct to you, NO store mark ups ANY SHAPE-SIZE and STYLE is available
FREE resize included if needed.

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***Are Lab grown diamonds DIAMONDS.?  How are they different from earth mined diamonds ? ****

Lab grown diamonds ARE exactly  the same as a earth diamonds, they aren’t JUST LIKE  DIAMOND , they are literally the exact same thing as a diamond that was mined from the earth.

There is absolutely no visible difference between lab-grown diamond and earth-grown diamond.

Both are made of exact 1:1 Carbon Composition,  Both are equally hard, durable, and beautiful. Available in different carat weight, color and clarity options. Both come with Reports.

In fact, they’re visibly indistinguishable, even for trained professionals. It takes extremely expensive equipment, which few people and businesses have, to positively identify a diamond as man-made.