This set looks like you bought it at the Tifffanys  

White gold 6 prong exact style solitaire ring with a 4 carat H vs1 diamond center Lab Grown

Excellent cut

Excellent Polish

Excellent symmetry

No fluorescence

****Matching band also available for + $1980 as a add on, in 14kt white gold eternity style with 2.0 carat diamonds

Gorgeous Classic style you will love to wear on your finger

Why are lab grown diamond growing in such popularity besides getting a Bigger and much better   stone for thousands less ?

Mid $80's would be the price if you want to spend your money on the identical chemical and structural carbon composition with comparable carat size - color and clarity

and ONLY YOU  will know the fact that  it was pressurized by nature and mined from the ground, instead of being pressurized in the lab without the cost - time and man power not to mention environmental footprint

of mining for a  IDENTICAL 1: 1 END RESULT.